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The Paint Girlz Favorite Things

Hi friends! We often get asked "what products do you use" so we figured what better way to share than to offer you the direct links to some of our secrets!  

Note: These are all my affiliate links in which we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! Paint Girlz thanks you for your continued support! Much love!  

What the Paint Girlz use to clean and degrease their paint projects......

Our favorite simple little brushes....great for stencils and chalky style detail painting!

Painting with multiple colors or need to take a break your brushes and rollers in these handy compartments in the mean time. 

Once you use this brush cleaning tool you will never go back to the old way of cleaning brushes! 

Every craft junkie needs a portfolio book to hold her stencils! 

This angled & flexible brush fits so comfortably in your hand!

Who doesn't need a heat gun to make your crafting go we have found!

Best sealer in a can. When you have an item that doesn't need a strong seal like Banana Peel or Monkey Shine, this is a quick and easy replacement! 

Painters Tripods!! These little tripods are a must have for crafters who want to work efficiently! We use them regularly when painting cabinet doors or signs. 

Squeeze Paint Bottles!! Great for canvas painting. Allows you to squirt out the amount needed onto your pallet. Eliminates waist and simplifies the painting process by not having to have all of your Junk Monkey paint cans open at once.  

Mod Podge!!! All-in-one glue, sealer, and finish for any project! Goes on white and dries clear. Every crafter needs this in their home. 

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