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What We Do


Are your kitchen cabinets looking outdated? Did you move in with the plans to one day update your kitchen?

For a fraction of what it costs to remodel a kitchen we can give your space a whole new look! Whether you have a vision of your own or need help selecting the right colors to compliment your existing space, we are the team you want to meet!

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation! 
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Interior  Painting

Have you found yourself sitting around your house thinking it could use a "pick me up".  Maybe you moved into a newly structured home that displays those basic wall colors, or maybe you are in a home surrounded with outdated wall color. Whatever the case, we would love to come to your rescue!
Let us help you breath new life into your home. In the mean time, you are free to tend to all those higher priority tasks that get in your way of doing things like painting!
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Junk Monkey Paint Retailers

Junk Monkey™️ is a clay & mineral hybrid paint with multiple resins and is a one of a kind formula with super adhesive properties. 
It is self leveling paint that dries to an ultra flat matte look to create instant vintage charm for your furniture & decor.
The rich acrylic resin allows it to fuse to a variety of surfaces without the usual priming, sanding and stripping. 
Matt & Sonia Miller, the creator of Junk Monkey, have put their love, heart, & soul into creating the perfect paint products to satisfy all your painting needs! 
Stop by our studio on Mondays 9-1 & Thursdays 1-5 to pick up your paint supplies, shoot us a message to set up an appointment, or to find out where other Junk Monkey supplies may be available!  
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 Workshops & Custom Signs

Paint Girlz are always looking for a reason to get together with great company and share our painting tips and techniques as well as offer workshops instructed by other local artists. Be sure to check out and like our FB page so you don't miss the chance to register for our next workshop! 

Also, if there is a custom sign you want created, we are the girlz you are looking for! 
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